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Animal sponsorships help us to provide food, housing and veterinary care for our animals. It makes a great holiday or birthday gift, Scout or classroom project, or just as a way to support your favorite Tanglewood animal! For a list of animals available to sponsor, and more information: SPONSOR an Animal.pdf 




Vulcraft Group - Hank the Hawk

Madeline - Zoey the Leopard Gecko

Morrell Family Foundation - Furby the Ferret

In memory of Delores Doane and Candace Skoreski - Sophie the Great Horned Owl

In memory of Tony Negri - Ollie the Barred Owl, Hank the Red-tailed Hawk and Orville the Turkey Vulture

In memory of David Crumb -  Wilbur the Black Vulture

Kris and Crystal - Harriet the American Toad, Molasses the Cane Toad, Sally the Spotted Salamander, Rupert the Box Turtle, Ben the Guinea Pig, Sophie the Great Horned Owl, Ollie the Barred Owl and Hank the Red-tailed Hawk

In memory of Ellen Hyland - The Butterfly Garden




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