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List of Programs for School and Community Groups

Audience: elementary school students, though many can be adapted for middle and high school students as well as adults.

Please contact us if you have an idea for a different program, or would like to tailor an existing program to your curriculum!

Amazing Animals

This program highlights an animal from each of our five popular animal groups: a mammal, a bird, a reptile, an amphibian, and an arthropod.

Birds of Prey

Check out some of our bird residents! Program includes Sophie the Great-horned Owl, Ollie the Barred Owl and Hank the Red-tailed Hawk. Get up close and personal with these high-flying species and learn what makes birds special in the world of animals.

Animals that Hatch

Of course our owls and hawks were hatched from eggs, but students will learn that salamanders, turtles, snakes and insects also emerge from shells.

Reptiles and Amphibians

The delightful cast of characters may include reptiles and amphibians such as a salamander, toad, leopard gecko, tree frog, ball python, and a large variety of turtles.

Pond-ering Water

Students observe our ponds and wetlands and the organisms that call them home, from mammals to microscopic organisms. We test water quality and threats to aquatic ecosystems. (this program is for onsite at Tanglewood only!)

Some people love them, some don't, but everyone is fascinated by them! Tanglewood has a great variety of snakes and we would love to show them to you and talk about their interesting characteristics and behaviors.

Insects & Spiders
Arthropods outnumber all other animals on Earth, so education on this group is critical. The cast of characters encountered at Tanglewood might include Madagasgar hissing cockroaches, a tarantula and other arthropods like millipedes and scorpions.

Animal and Plant Defenses

Learn how animals and plants defend themselves from being eaten. Armor, poison, rolling into a ball, having sharp spines- they do it all!


Program Here (1 ½ hrs.):                    $90.00 (for up to 20, $4.50 each additional)

Program There (45 min.):                   $100.00 (for up to 20, $5.00 each additional)

Assembly There (45 min.):                 $250.00 (minimum 75 children,$3.00 each additional)


Scout Program Here (1 ½ hrs.):          $80.00 (for up to 10 kids, $4.00 ea. additional)

Scout Program There (45 min.):         $90.00 (for up to 20, $4.00 ea. additional)


Libraries Only There:              $90.00 (flat rate, mileage and Saturday/after hours fees apply)

(45 min.)

• Any weekday after hours programs (programs that end after 4pm) will be additional $50.00,

• We do not do Saturday programs offsite and we do not do any Sunday programming.

• Mileage charges added for any programs more than 30 miles (round trip- 15 miles each way) from Tanglewood.

- 1st 30 miles to/from Tanglewood- Free

- 16-50 miles extra- $25.00

- 51-70 miles extra- $50.00

- 71-120 miles extra- $75.00

- Beyond 121 miles- TBD at time of reservation

Parents/Chaperones always welcome and always FREE!

We can also tailor a program to your needs when possible!

Invoicing and Payments:  You will be invoiced once the program has been completed.  You may pay with credit card, cash, and check. Billing inquiries can be addressed to Deanna at (607) 732-6060 or email tanglewoodoffmgr@outlook.com.

Please have alternate dates and times available when calling! Spring and early summer are our busiest season, so booking early is to your advantage.

To schedule a program:

Please call Elaine, our Executive Director, at (607) 732-6060 ex. 101 or email tanglewooddirector@outlook.com

To schedule a Team-Building Program:

Please call Deanna, our Office Manager, at (607) 732-6060 or email tanglewoodoffmgr@outlook.com

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