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Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp Catalog 2021 (PDF)

Yes, we are planning to run an in-person summer camp for the summer of 2021. Camp registration is now open. We will observe all New York and Chemung County regulations. More details to come closer to the beginning of the camp season!

Tanglewood is excited to provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn about their relationship to the natural world while supporting their physical, social, and intellectual growth.  Each camp offers a wide variety of activities that provide campers with outdoor adventures.  Your child will explore and make discoveries on our 300 acres and have up close encounters with our resident animals.  Our summer camps are for children finishing Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Please click on the summer camp catalog link for more information.

This catalog includes information on each camp, how to register, what to pack, and more - everything you need to know is in the camp catalog! 

Parents and grandparents at a family/senior membership or above can register children/grandchildren.  Membership must be current at time of registration and during the selected camp session.  If you need to become a member, please click here Online Membership Application .  Membership applications are processed Tuesday-Friday during business hours.

Shot records need to be submitted every year.  Due to the increasing numbers of people infected with dangerous communicable diseases in the US, we are only allowing Medical Exemptions for vaccinations. Medical Exemption Form (.docx) is linked here, or contact Deanna at 607-732-6060 for a paper copy of the Medical Exemption Form. Thank you for helping us keep the camp children, visitors and staff healthy. 
You can email shot records to tanglewoodoffmgr@outlook.com

or mail them to 443 Coleman Ave., Elmira, NY 14903. 


As always, our goal is to make our unique and fun programs available to all. We have a camp assistance fund created by generous donors. In 2021, we have limited scholarship opportunities and scholarships are on a first come first served basis. To learn more about the scholarships for financially eligible families, or to contribute to the scholarship fund, please contact DeannaCamp Tuition Application.pdf and Membership Waiver Application.pdf  You must fill out applications and submit proper documents in order to be considered.

Everything you need to know is in the camp catalog.

For reference, we are keeping up all of the updates and safety protocols that we used in 2020 - please feel welcome to scroll down and see what we learned from the Health Dept. and state, and how we adjusted to keep campers safe.

2020 summer camp parents and guardians need to know: 

  • camp will be almost entirely spent outdoors: when it's hot, when it's drizzling, etc. 
  • camp will have a private, restricted space solely for campers and camp staff, so in the event of a thunderstorm they have a space to retreat to (the Lodge). The Lodge will be cleaned and sanitized daily. 
  • children will only be allowed to participate if they are from our local region, the Southern Tier of NY.
  • extended care hours were reduced in 2020
  • camp participants were limited to 10 children in 2020. 
  • children WILL NEED to bring a mask from home to carry with them throughout the day; they will need a clean mask each day. The kids will not need to wear the mask unless they must gather closer than 6' from each other. When they cannot be distant from each other (ie, they are passing other children in the hallway to go to the restroom) then they will need to wear their mask for that brief period.
  • staff will wear masks throughout the day, at any point that they are closer than 6' to any camper.
  • if there is a confirmed COVID19 case among a) our staff, b) a camp child, or c) a camp child's family, then camp will be closed for two weeks for quarantine and cleaning. Refunds will be processed for impacted families. 

Special changes and considerations in 2020: 

  • pick up and drop off will be from within the car. Staff will walk over to do a daily health check including a temperature check of the child; adult will remain in the car; child will exit and proceed to the Lodge to wash their hands and begin their day.
  • children will need to bring some of their own art supplies from home in a pencil case or baggie to reduce the amount of shared surfaces (we will send another email with exact packing list, but expect to send your child with their own crayons, a pair of scissors, a glue stick). Children will also need to bring a large beach towel which will be used as their "spot" so that kids can be socially distanced from each other sitting on the grass. 
  • parents will need to provide a list of at least three approved adults who can pick up their child at the end of the day. If a parent/guardian has been exposed to COVID19 and must quarantine, OR if a parent/guardian has symptoms that are in line with COVID19, OR if a parent/guardian has a confirmed case of COVID19, that parent/guardian and other adults from that household ARE NOT ALLOWED to come pick up their child from camp. Please make sure you have other emergency pick up names that are available to pick up your child in the event that you are not allowed to. 
  • children will need to bring a sun hat, several complete changes of clothing including socks and underwear, rain boots, rain coat, LARGE refillable water bottle to keep them hydrated over several hours of hiking, sunscreen and bug spray that they can apply to themselves. Children will be hiking and playing outside on wet grass, in the rain, and in the heat. Staff will ensure that they are safe and prevent heat stroke, dehydration, and chills/hypothermia as we do every year. But this year, camp will be more outdoors than ever, so your child will need to be prepared for and happy about hiking and playing in the rain or the heat. 
  • if your child does not cope well or enjoy playing during sensory experiences like wearing wet socks, sweating, or being unable to hold hands or sit closely by an adult, then please carefully consider if this camp season will be appropriate for them.

For a brochure outlining the rights and responsibilities of campers and camp operators in New York State, click here: "Children's Camps in New York State" 


Month: April 2021

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Nature Center and Museum location:
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Nature Center and Museum hours: OPEN Tuesday-Friday, 9am-4pm, and Saturday 10am-4pm. CLOSED Sunday-Monday. Trails are open dawn to dusk year-round.

Admission to the Nature Center and Museum is FREE to all. Please consider becoming a member of Tanglewood!

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