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Saturday October 14th 2017 is the 6th Annual Tangle with Zombies 5K!

Tangle With Zombies is a 5K trail race. But you’re not running against the clock — you’re running from brain-hungry, virus-spreading, bloody zombies.

Before the race, you will be given a flag belt, just like the overly intimidating game of flag football. These flags represent your health. The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains. If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.

Health flag bonuses will be hidden throughout the course. If you find one, attach it and carry it to the finish, it will save your life.

There will be zombies. Their job is to chase you and eat you — but mainly go after your health, in the form of your flag belt. They are not allowed to touch you in any other way, and you are not allowed to come into contact with them. Avoid the zombies to keep your health flags.

Use speed, strategy and your intact brains to make it to the FINISH LINE “alive” with at least ONE FLAG INTACT. If you finish with zero health flags, this means the zombies have successfully transformed you into the “undead”; you will have finished a run, but you will not be admired by other competitors and spectators.

There will be a start line, and a finish line, but what happens in between is up to you. 

2015 - 4th Annual Tangle with Zombie 5K Results


Julia Ashley, Anthony Bourdan, Tatyana Brown, Nicholas Cola, Caroline Connolly, Blaithe Donovan, Hannah Ellis, Jessica Ellis, Hannah Gastan, Justin Guille, Jarritt Himmelreich, Jimmy Himmelrich, Justin Holzlein, Dominic Hoppe, Timothy Leach, Jack Masker, Alyssa Melens, Tyler Morehouse, Logan Nagle, Kierstan Patelunas, Olivia Patricell, Chris Perkins, Micah Perkins, Peter Prescott, Cameron Prior, Jacob Rose, Mark Rose, Meghan Rose, Nathan Rose, Asilinn Sullivan, Jamie Sullivan, Rowan Sullivan, Abby Toursin, Aaron Verkleeren, Erica Verkleeren, Ron Verkleeren, Nick Walker, John Williams, Kara Wood. 

Congratulations to the youth ages 12 and under who defeated the zombies - Hannah Ellis (11), Justin Holzlein (11), Dominic Hoppe (9), Jack Masker (10), Micah Perkins (9), Jacob Rose (11), Nathan Rose (7), Asilinn Sullivan (11). 


Scott Adriaansen, Callin Black, Aleziah Brooks, Donald Bull, Julie Bull, Carrie Cady, Kindra Catlano, Sara Coleman, Anna Devlin, Shannon Dole, Theresa Drake, Jamie D'Zurilla, CJ Emmons, Nan Evans, Chrissy Fabiano, Casie Frederick, James Frische, Laura Green, Joe Greene, Julianne Heggie, Ashley Jolin, Anthony Katsos, Rebecca Kraynak, Anna Lares, Alicia Levers, Olivia Lovejoy, Hannah Lundgren, Meredith Masker, Monica Matt, Maureen Monroe, Jerry North, Jordan Oakden, Nevin Olney, Zachory Park, Kristina Patelunas, Ava Pellor, Alex Peterson, Kenneth Peterson, Danielle Petkovsek, Sydney Reynolds, Bryce Richmond, Natalie Rose, Jessica Rynders, Kevin Schutt, Tony Seward, David Seymour, Danielle Slate, Quintin Smith, Christine Stansfield, Sophia Verkleeren, Danielle Watkins, Robert Whelpley, Olivia Whitmarsh, Kelly Williams, Rachel Williams. 

2014 - 3rd Annual Tangle with Zombies 5K
Men's 1st runner -- Nick Cola
Women's 1st runner -- Riley Vincent
Alil Barber, Kevin Benedict, Kyle Benedict, Donald Bull, Julie Bull, Marisa Carr, Laura Chloe, Sara Coleman, Mae Dinh, Cameron Dye, Nikita Dye, John Eichenlaub, Kerry Gush, James Habersham, Eric Hallman, Nicole Hasty, Charlene Hevey, Amy Kimber, David Kinnaird, Kara Myakel, Logan Nagle, Nevin Olney, Krista Peltier, Laura Powell, Kelsey Quail, Joanne Rief, Brandon Rosettie, Ashley Rosplock, Lauren Schrock, Betsy Smith, Angel Sweet, Olivia Whitmarsh, Bernard William, Alyssa Zeman.
Ali Andriene, Molly Batrowny, John Bigelow, Kylie Connell, Kelly Davidson, Amber Dildine, Hunter Farley, Hailey Fierro, Troy Gilbert, Krishe Habersham, Oliver Heitkamp, Alex Hevey, Jimi Himneheich, Amy Hojer, Brandi Hoke, Hannah Houseman, Michael Howland, Renee Jankawski, Jonathan Kimber, Joseph Kimber, Angela Klopf, Taylor Lance, Timothy (TJ) Leach, Mike Leshick, Tyler Maycomber, Maureen Monroe, Donny Moss, Logan Murphy, Angela Nichiparuk, Tammy Petriusky, Matthew Reif, Betsy Romeo, Nicholas Root, Christina Roton, Phila Sasenbury, Matt Schoonover, Rachel Schwartzbard, Moorea Spoljaric, Alyssa Steinhauer, Mike Stempin, Devin Tennity, Josh Taylor, Tammy Townsend, Lindsay Wargo, Sariah Waters, Marion Weisse, Sarah Welliver, Sandy Wolf.
2013 2nd Annual Tangle with Zombies 5K


William Bernard
Lucas Allen
Amy Hojer
Lori Perry
Thomas Beaudoin
Lisa O'Connor
Tiffany Koziatek
Jacob Allen
Corey Benkelmann
Allyson Swett
Travis Patocka
Hanna Rodriguez
Melissa Chalk
Valerie Cady
Gregory Schoffner
John Eichenlaub
Tammy Petriwsky
Eric Gergel
Manada Khang 
Travis Degarmo
Chris Shoomaun 


 Michael Palm
Angela Payne
Sharon Douglas
Lesa Griswald
 Audrey Arnold
Emily Allen
Lisa Brown
Derek LeBarron
Julie Whitehouse
Christina Cox
Brianne Devaul
Bryan Allen
CJ Young
Kenneth Peterson
Jennifer Schoffner
Tobias Towner
 Logan Nagle
Abby Davenport
Tamra Janowski
Al Wruck
 Chris Schweiger
Vince Giannini
Olivia Douglas

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